Последние обновление базы данных World of Warcraft


Compare the stats of different items:
Just hover your mouse over "Items" in the top menu and click on "Item compare".


Blue Watch

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More infos for items, quests and NPCs

NPC informations

New dungeon maps
Life- and mana points
Boss abilities
Normal and heroic loot
Loot out of boss chests
Achievements related to the NPC

Help for professions

Fishing spots


Content of books


Talent Calculator updated including Glyphs

Talent Calculator is updated to the latest Version:, including the possibility to plan your personal glyph setting.


GetBuffed.com getting updated

Wrath data being added, all tech being upgrade; Prepare for GetBuffed 2.0!
It has been awhile since we did a tech update. Perhaps too long. To make up for our lack of consistent updates how about we hit you with some early spoilers of our soon to be added technologies. Not only do we have new tech, GetBuffed.com will also be receiving a makeover in the near future! Some of our new goodies are re-designed systems from pre-Wrath of the Lich King, recoded and updated with all the new information.

World of Warcraft Database
World of Warcraft 3D Model Viewer
Talent Calculator
Detailed Item Search

The full launch is scheduled to happen shortly, so don't freak out when your beloved home to Shakes & Fidget changes drastically. We have additional goodies beyond what is linked above that we are still preparing, so stay tuned.