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Import from armory

Ladet Euren Charakter über die Armory in unsere Datenbank.

Voraussetzung: Der Charakter hat mindestens Stufe 10 erreicht und wurde in den letzten 30 Tagen gespielt, sonst liefert die Armory kein Ergebnis.

Manual upload of your wow characters

Hier könnt Ihr manuell die Daten des BLASCProfiler-Addons hochladen. Neben der Darstellung Eures Charakters in unserer Datenbank unterstützt Ihr diese zudem mit Loot-, Quest- und NPC-Daten!
Browse file BLASCProfiler.lua:*
* [World of Warcraft]\WTF\Account\<Accountname>\SavedVariables\BLASCProfiler.lua

When you're playing World of Warcraft on a Linux or MAC system you can manually upload your WoW characters here.


To upload your World of Warcraft character you must download and install our add-on, BLASCProfiler. Just download it and unpack it into your \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ folder.


Версия: 7.0.2 | дата: 19.09.2016 | Размер: 17 kb | MD5: 65a50cd3eff828454522d3e7a2e7f0b4
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Choose the file "BLASCProfiler.lua" in the form field. You'll find the lua file in folder: \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\\SavedVariables\ Now you just have to start the file upload by hitting the "Upload BLASCProfiler.lua" button. A message will appear on a successful upload. Upload time can vary depending on the file size.


The default version of BLASCProfiler is scanning the same values like the WoW-Armory provides. To change it, open the file "BLASCProfiler.lua" with a text editor like notepad. Search for the following lines near the beginning of the file:

ConfigDefault ={

If you wanna upload your inventory, gold value and bank set the "nil" values to 1, save the file and start World of Warcraft.